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Idaho Society of Mayflower Descendants

The Idaho Mayflower Society



Please print the Mayflower Lineage Review form and fill-out the requested information.  This is not an application, but a review to see if your proposed line is complete enough to start an application.  Fill it out starting with the name of your Pilgrim ancestor.  On the next line, enter his/her son or daughter, and who they married.  Continue listing each ancestor through the generations down to yourself.   Please mail the form (do not email) to Idaho Mayflower Society, 3888 S Twilight Rise Way, Meridian, ID 83642 Attn: Historian along with a non-refundable check for $50 made payable to SMDID (Society of Mayflower Descendants in Idaho).

For questions Email:  The historian will check your information, try to determine what portion of your line is already documented, and get back to you with the results.  Please expect to wait 4 - 5 weeks for your response.

A more complete official application will then need to be prepared for submission to the National Organization and verified to become a member.  Although this can take some time, we are here to guide you through acquiring the necessary documents, then writing up and submitting your application.  The completed application costs $195 to submit once all the documentation is acquired and turned into PDF form for the National Society. Make check payable to SMDID.  The contact information enclosed will allow you to communicate with Idaho volunteer historians who have knowledge of the necessary documents and pathways to acquiring approved forms.  The National Society now requires obtaining official certificates (birth, marriage, death) on anyone in your lineage whose certificate is dated 1900 or later. Cities and state charge a fee for copies, so if you can find someone in your family that has a copy it will save you time and money.

I believe you will find this an interesting process and will learn new stories along the way about the people you come from and how their lives have shaped your life and who you have become. 

To get started let us know what of the following information you already have and if it is a certified copy.  We can help you identify and locate the correct path to getting any other forms you need. You can contact volunteer historians directly at


Primary Sources:  

·     Vital records of birth, marriage, and death. Applicants will need to provide copies of state issued certificates              for birth, marriage (include marriage licenses), and death for relatives after the year 1900.

·     Church records

·     Bible records which provide relationships (a title page from the Bible is required for such a record to be a                   Bible record).

·     Deeds

·     Probate records, wills, guardianships or orphan’s court records

·     Military and pension records

·     Cemetery records

·     Secondary Source Evidence:

·     County and town histories

·     Published family genealogies.

·     Federal and state census records (at least two)

·     Newspaper obituaries

·     Newspaper marriage accounts

·     Photos of gravestone inscriptions 

The Mayflower Society in the State of Idaho—Dues and Fees

·     The Application fees for Lineage Review and Submittal to GSMD are NON-REFUNDABLE.

·     Annual dues of $45 (that is included with completed application fees) is RE-FUNDABLE TO APPLICANT if                     application is not approved.

·     Lifetime memberships are available for $655.00 and the annual dues are $35.00.  Regular membership                       dues are $45.00 annually. Junior membership is available for children ($25.00).

Application fee for a Supplemental Line is $185.00 and is NON-REFUNDABLE

Click on the PDF for a copy  of Primary Review Form      

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