Idaho Society of Mayflower Descendants

Idaho's Mayflower Society is offering two scholarship awards this year, one $1,000 for Idaho students and a $500.00 grant to an Idaho teacher and I thought I would pass this along to you to share with your staff & other teachers who might be interested.  This is our first year in offering grants and student scholarships. 


Please see the attachment for the entire scope of the award.  The grant information is after the scholarship within the document. Attached you will find the Idaho Mayflower Society Scholarship forms, which is open to all students and teachers in Idaho.


We need your help to spread the word to students and teachers.




Sean Thompson






ISMD awards grants that support the professional development of Idaho school teachers that may fund professional development experiences, research opportunities, mentoring experiences, class- room supplies or lesson funding and studies.

Monday, February 1, 2021 (All application materials must be submitted Monday by 11:59 PM) 

Award Amount: $500



• Teacher Scholarship Application 

• How Teacher will use the money 

• Short Teacher Biography 


To be considered for this grant, the Teacher applicant must provide a written explanation on how they can develop a curriculum, project or exercise based on the History of the Mayflower Pilgrims in our modern day society. Examples can be “what lessons can be learned or how does the Pilgrims story relate in today’s society". The ideas and topics are yours to develop and bring to life which should be based on the following process:


Curriculum relates to Pilgrims History (History of the Pilgrims) Education back to the Pilgrims 

◦ Authenticity of Information 

◦ Historical Accuracy 

◦ Info related to Pilgrims 

◦ Creativity 

◦ Teaching Objectives and Materials 

◦ Media used, etc. 


Grading Points explanation


Monday, February 1, 2021 (All application materials must be submitted Monday by 11:59 PM) 

Award Amount: $1,000 



Written portion of the Scholarship Application Write the personal essay of no more than 750 words in your own words and use quotation marks, credit sources and quote nothing longer than one sentence pertaining to any source. 




Compare the Compact the pilgrims wrote and signed to the original Constitution of the USA and discuss if you think the Compact influenced the Constitution.


1. Completed Application Form (No late or incomplete applications will be accepted) Type written application. No handwritten applications will be accepted.

2. Electronic Copy 2. Mailed Copy

3. Sealed Official Transcript

4. Proof of college acceptance and enrollment in the upcoming college year.

5. Character Reference/Academic Recommendation Forms and in sealed envelope with signature across the envelope flap.

6. 750 to 1,000 word essay. Idaho Mayflower Original Essay must be written and signed by applicant.

Winning essays may be published on the Idaho Society of Mayflower Descendants website/Publication. (See Essay details below)

7. Finalists may be selected for interviews, in person, by phone or Skype with the Selection Committee.

8. Submit by February 1, 2021, the entire application packet (in one package) postmarked by deadline date.

The printed copy of your Submission Materials work file, which contains your Scholarship Application and your Mayflower Scholarship Essay. [Handwritten materials will not be accepted.]

A copy of your official transcript, including the record of the first semester senior year (if applicable)(must be sealed and provided by the school).

A sealed envelope containing a completed Character Reference/Academic Recommendation form with Recommender Signature across the seal. (along with a separate typed letter if one has been prepared by the Recommender and included in the sealed envelope).

The above documents can be clipped together in the envelope and mailed to the committee. However, please refrain from using staples, presentation folders, binders, portfolios or sheet protectors. Only these documents will be retained and scanned for distribution to the Scholarship Committee. Please do not submit any other supporting documents unless specifically asked to do so.

Please email a scanned copy of the application and essay to:


Click on the PDF for 1-Idaho-Character-Academic-Recommendation-Form